What if the best designers in the world focused on its hardest problems?

We’re the founders and curators for UX for Good, the only pop-up experience design agency armed with individuals at the top of their craft and partnered with organizations on the front line, together, helping solve pressing, complex social challenges. For free.

We’ve developed the model and supporting systems behind UX for Good, the Annual Challenge, which launched in 2011. Each year, a handful of top user experience designers from around the world are brought together to conceptualize and develop novel interventions that help solve complex, social challenges.

We have been privileged to work with world-class talent from companies including Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Automattic, Atlassian, Groupon, Blackboard, Obama for America, Frog, IDEO, GE, CNN, Adaptive Path, Context Partners, SapientNitro, ThoughtWorks and Manifest.

In the past few years, UX for Good has partnered with the Dalai Lama Center for Peace + Education to advance social-emotional learning in public schools; with Aegis Trust to boost the impact of genocide memorials in Africa and Europe; and with the GRAMMY Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative to raise the standard of living for professional musicians in New Orleans.

How do we teach the heart?
Can we enrich lives of working musicians?

In January 2013, UX for Good was honored with the Interaction Awards’ “People’s Choice Award” at the Interaction Design Association’s annual gathering for our work in New Orleans with the GRAMMY Foundation, MusiCares and the Clinton Global Initiative.