What should research look like amidst changing expectations of social impact and funding at a tier-1 university?

Partnering with the Dean and key leaders within the largest school of social work in the world, we were asked to answer two questions – how is the research enterprise designed to work and how does it actually work?

Our team crafted an approach to seek an understanding of the research enterprise, the largest in the field of social work, from the bottom-up. We reviewed policy and operating structures, interviewed research faculty and students and facilitated experience mapping workshops to find opportunities to improve the overall researcher experience. Seeking this level of understanding was imperative to our goal of better understanding how a researcher might move through the process.

Our insights helped generate a set of researcher behavioral stages and a report to assist the School’s leadership in conceptualizing and constructing a comprehensive research enterprise.

The School is leveraging this understanding of the research enterprise system and associated researcher behaviors to help address its changing conditions, heightened expectations and manifest greater potential for social impact.