How can we develop greater engagement and activation across the entire visitor and survivor experience?

The Memorial asked for our help to begin integrating the Inzovu Curve into the complete physical and digital experience for genocide survivors and visitors. Our collective aim – continue honoring survivors at the Memorial, while extending the experience outside of it, focusing on visitor experiences that expose stories of community reconciliation, rebirth of the country and the importance of hope and peace.

Our team completed a holistic experience assessment across the Memorial’s architectural landscape and environment and digital platforms. We facilitated workshops with survivors, Memorial staff and government officials to understand how survivors’ stories should be told and how the Memorial experience could be improved. Nearly 100 ideas were generated, evaluated and prioritized. Selected concepts were developed into a report to support their organizational roadmap and international funding and engagement strategy.

We’re working with the Memorial to plan, experiment and transform the survivor and visitor experience, including informing their multi-year funding strategy and program.