How could a brand experience create greater social impact among sports teams, fans, charities and their local communities?

Fueled by the love for the game, CauseMates is a comprehensive digital fundraising and fan engagement platform for teams’ local communities. The CauseMates experience celebrates team and athlete accomplishments by promoting in-game achievements and connecting them directly to positive social impact outside the game. Together, the stories of team, athlete and local community performance create new and meaningful public attention, while helping build thriving communities and raise significant funds for local charitable causes.

As CauseMates began the development of a broader public release of their digital platform, they determined that the brand required further exploration in order to truly make a bigger, more meaningful first impression. Working together, we evaluated their existing minimum viable product experience, appreciated and challenged business and product strategy and reviewed existing brand and experience design concepts.

Our process and insights helped produce a revitalized brand strategy, identity and story to advance not only the platform’s experience, but the eventual development of new relationships between CauseMates and teams, athletes, fans and charitable organizations.